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Tips for Melbourne Sugar Daddies

Melbourne is a fantastic city for sophisticated entertainment and this is a major plus for Melbourne sugar daddy. There are, however, some drawbacks for mature men dating much younger women and its worth keeping in mind the following tips when considering sugar daddy dating in Melbourne.

Think about where youre headed

Australia is a relatively conservative environment still and has its roots in Christianity. In some circles an older man dating a much younger woman can lead to ridicule and scorn. Case in point – Geoffrey Edelstein and Brynne Gordon/Gabbi Grecko. Noting this, it’s important to pick places which are more accepting of this sort of thing.

While bars change hands regularly in Melbourne and it’s hard to stay on top of, generally the more upmarket bars in the inner suburbs of Melbourne are likely to be a bit less judgemental than lower rent bars. The wealthy are more used to the idea of significant age gaps in relationships and frankly you are more likely to see others with significant age gaps at these places than elsewhere.

melbourne sugar daddy and sugar baby

Use the location!

Melbourne is home to several of the worlds top 100 restaurants so why not use them? Melbourne sugar baby is going to want to be shown a great time and nothing will make her feel more special than being wined and dined in one of the world’s best restaurants. The foods great, it makes her feel important and the odds of bumping into someone she knows (if she’s trying to keep it discrete) are way lower.

There are brilliant events including sugar daddy dating in Melbourne, from art to concerts to sport. If she is up for a night out and doesn’t want to keep things completely discrete then consider these. Being able to say you’ve been to something very special and high profile means a lot to young people, particularly given it’s so expensive for them to go themselves!

Consider privacy

As noted above, girls or sugar babies are sometimes a little bit sensitive about being seen out and about with an obviously more mature man. So what could be better than a private getaway? Considering spending up a bit and getting some top notch accomodation. Maybe a villa on the Mornington peninsula or something like that. You get the privacy you crave which allows things to move a little more quickly and she gets to focus wholly on the getaway and not worry about bumping into her friends from school or some family members.


Do not forget that the key to a sugar daddy relationship is making sure the girl is looked after. Clearly things like diamonds and nice jewellery are things worth considering as a gift when you meet up with your lady – that much is quite obvious. That said it’s worth considering what she might need generally in her life.

Many women on sugar daddy websites are students trying to keep their heads above water while they study. Consider what a student needs. They’re worried about having nice food around the house, buying all of their course materials and having enough cash around so they don’t have to work too many hours during the week and compromise their study so give some thought to how you can make your girl’s life a bit easier.

Another thing to consider is that they probably want a little luxury in their lives. Consider, for example, some top shelf pyjamas and a silk bathrobe. Consider getting some Bollinger or Moet & Chandon so they can celebrate the end of their semester in a bit of style.

How are you presenting yourself

It’s important for girls who are hitting the dating scene with an older man to be seen with someone who is presentable. It’s not enough solely that you’ve got a bit of money that you are willing to splash out with. You should give some thought to how you appear!

Get a great haircut, make sure you’re clean shaven and make sure you’re always dressed in your best. Is it time for a new haircut? Are you showing too many greys (or is it best for you to keep the grey – you could be a silver fox). Do some basic hygiene (ie clip your nails, pluck stray hairs) and get a bit of exercise if you can. If if you have a good few years on her any guy can do a bit of work and make sure he looks his best. If you are not sure ask someone you know who has the fashion game down and ask for their opinion or head to a high end hairdresser and ask for theirs. Most men are poor judges of what works best for them and an independent second opinion will help you get to the bottom of it!

The difference for a girl between a guy who is going to  a lot of effort to impress and a guy who is content to just spend some money and turn up is enormous and it will have an impact on how she views the relationship as a whole.

Remember generally that Melbourne is a fantastic place for a sugar daddy to treat a young woman. What you need to keep in mind is that you should focus on her needs (ie the right places for her, what she needs generally and how you present yourself) to make sure you’re both having the best time possible.

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